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Introducing: The G League ( Galactic Guardian League )
We are excited to announce the launch of our Kid Explorer Club rewards program – G League. Families who are enrolled eight or more weeks with Kid Explorer Camps in the summer of 2023.
The G League is the parent rewards program designed exclusively for members of the esteemed Kid Explorer Club. Inspired by the visionary spirit of visionaries, this program brings an interstellar twist to parental recognition and incentives. With the G League, parents can join forces with their little space adventurers to embark on a mission of exploration, education, and out-of-this-world fun!
As parents actively engage in their children’s journey through the Kid Explorer Club, they earn galactic credits and unlock extraordinary rewards. Just like our boundless ambition to push the boundaries of innovation, the G League encourages parents to ignite their imagination and go beyond the ordinary. Brace yourselves for a cosmic adventure like no other!
Remember, the future belongs to the brave, the curious, and those who dare to dream. Together, let’s soar to new heights and beyond with the power of the League! It’s like having Icees all…year… long!
Benefits of being a G League Member:
  • Early enrollment for Summer Camp and Before/ Afterschool 2024
  • Early enrollment for Swim Lessons
  • Kid Explorer Camp’s gear before camp starts
  • 10% off Kid Explorer Camp apparel
  • 50% off our online courses throughout the school year
  • Opportunity to host Parent Coffee events to extend additional discount to your friends
  • And more!
When you register your campers for a combined six- eight or more weeks at Kid Explorer Club’s Camp this summer or Kid Explorer Club, you will be automatically enrolled in the Explorer Family program!
As always, we are thankful to all of our families for your excitement, passion and investment in Kid Explorer Club’s Camp.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 312-967-5882.

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