At Kid Explorer Camp, we design our programs to inspire each student’s personal best — whether it’s Summer Camp or Day Camp, we challenge our rising Pre-K through Nine grades students with powerful play.   At our campuses locations we tap into the power of play to help kids discover their gifts, explore new interests and make the most of every day.   We powerfully play like there is no tomorrow!  Supported by dynamic teachers with supportive staff and a proven curriculum, our “Explorers” enjoy the journey to realize their full potential. Discover the Kid Explorer Club Essential Transformational Elements and Operating States to find out the foundation of Kid Explorer Camp.

Transformational Six


Begin to formulate and act on goals and intentions.

Freedom to Dream

Full Self Expression Freedom to think and act for themselves.


Awareness of their responsibility to win.  Learning to look for what’s missing not what’s wrong with themselves.


into a new realm of possibility for what they never thought possible.


Develop the Courage to face challenges of life with peace of mind

Powerful Play

Power to create new possibilities in themselves, education and life by attainable, reachable goals once thought of as improbable and unpredictable.

Shhh…Our Secret Ingredient:


/wonderment/-noun 1. A state of awed admiration and respect.

Pure Wonderment, is “our game” our staff is trained to consistently ask themselves “who is this?”  To only answer… ” I don’t know!”.  We have no idea who children are … the cure to cancer; a Beethoven; a Serena Williams; Nobel Peace Prize winner and so on.   Our staff training encompasses being respectful of and to be “a listening for” … their greatness.  Kid Explorer Camp is your child’s blank canvas for your child’s Passport to Possibilities.  We support each student to discover their personal best opportunity at camp and in life.

We believe that powerful play builds confidence through full self expression and is the catalyst of action within each child their personal best is discovered


There is vitality, a life force,

an energy, a quickening,

which is translated through

you into action.

And because there is only one

you in all time, this expression

is unique and if you block it, it

will never exist through any

other medium

and the world

will not have it.

– Martha Graham

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